Virtual Reality and 3D Tour Production

Leading the way in the future of global indigenous tourism industry of Australia.

ita-vr-tourim-imageStop asking IF you should add virtual reality to your marketing strategy. Start asking HOW

Three-D and virtual tours will be an essential part of the future in tourism marketing – Our story tellers, cultural entrepreneurs and tour operators with our services will have access to a global marketplace.

Virtual reality opens up incredible marketing opportunities. Discover where to start and how to make your brand stand out with VR technology.

Be the first to offer a immersive and interactive virtual reality experience of your tour product. See for yourself – A tourism product translated into VR!

The Turrabull near and apart but along with the Jagera say yes to the men and women to the country along the river that has always moved for all time – Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! – Courtesy : Virtual Jedi – Brett Leavey

How does this translate into business for the tour operator?

Marketers, who are responsible for driving the customer experience, stand to make huge gains with VR campaigns.

This innovative marketing tactic seeks to re-create a realistic and authentic virtual environment that not just maps the culture and heritage values of the region, but also combines a communicative, creative, organisational, technical and editorial application based upon virtual heritage.

Talk to the team and book a free consultation to discover how you can take your tour or activity into virtual reality.

“The global traveller don’t always book ‘authentic or outside the norm’ travel experiences online right now, because they feel like they don’t experience the product … in particular our rural and regional Indigenous experiences. We can change this type of consumer buying behaviour.” Ms Wear, Managing Director and Founder said.

Travel technology requires a specialised booking desk management process in tourism destination consulting, virtual reality tourism and authentic cultural experiences.

Indigenous Tour Agency is the gateway to hundreds of brands – from global enterprises to boutique operators. Ask us how..

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