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Indigenous Tour Agency provide Tourism, Business, Hospitality and Retail training solutions to its members via E-Learning Academy and Community Learning Hubs across Australia.

Delivery: Online, Face to Face, Community Hub Centres

Outcomes: Accredited | Non Accredited | Workshops

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Benefit from programs that offer: A supportive community, business advice and customised training. Indigenous Tour Agency is a business building membership community that meets you exactly where you are in business so you can propel yourself smartly.

The academy will increase education in the Indigenous small business community of Australia. Our business partners have equipped people with knowledge needed to make informed decisions about Tourism, Business, Hospitality and Retail for over 10 years.

Our qualified business practitioners work enthusiastically to make sure people get the information they need – whether at a seminar, through the Ita call centre, or via face to face. The team also assists employer groups and community organisations with increased business, tourism and financial literacy awareness through education and outreach services.
As an independent, affordable service, Ita provides people with greater understanding of tourism, business and financial matters for their current business and future needs. The service is available to all Australians and is respected in business circles, the community, and training industry.

Our programs available both on and off line are designed to outline how Inbound Tour Operators can reach new heights to assist the changing needs of customers and adapt to the new technology environment of the future.

For more information about our vocational programs, accredited training, masterclass series and virtual marketing short courses.

Call Samone M 0404 572 507 or email us here.