Cultural Code of Conduct

Indigenous Tour Agency declaration to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander across Australia.

Indigenous Tour Agency will when working in community, ensure our communities are culturally legitimate and accountable to its diverse members. The project team will before doing business within your community or region consider the following:

  • Clarify exactly what kind of business, training and education services you want to have and what role you want cultural values to have in your organisation
  • Know the different cultural groups of your members and the wider community, as well as their interconnections and their different rights and interests
  • Consult with the leaders and members of these groups so that we understand their concerns and priorities
  • Be open, fair and honest in dealings with leaders and their groups
  • Respect different land ownership rights and interests
  • Understand the governance history of the community and how that has shaped its current relationships, governance arrangements and problems
  • Be clear about which cultural values, rules, relationships and processes form part of your organisation’s governance, and which ones are not appropriate or might undermine it
  • Be clear about how cultural rules and values will be implemented within the community
  • Report back to members on your progress of service rendered
  • Manage your resources wisely and effectively
  • Deliver the services and outcomes that you’ve promised to your members and the wider community