Change the Game Coaching

Expert coaching for individuals, groups, teams and organisations aimed at unlocking the potential

Indigenous Tour Agency provides expert coaching for individuals, groups, teams and organisations aimed at unlocking the potential, clarifying vision, values and goals.

About the Program

We understand the issues Entrepreneurs, change makers and managers face in fulfilling their potential in business and offer a tailored approach to address their advancement at every level in business.

ITA Coaching

We support and empower leaders around challenges including: Creating and building an authentic rapport.

This is fundamental to a successful coaching relationship. It values congruence, genuineness and understanding. Change the Game Program is a blend of coaching tools, techniques and models with content knowledge responsive to the client’s needs.

“Our professional coaches value excellence and guarantee measurable outcomes – With an approach that is fun, authentic and elegant.”  – Platinum Event Agency

A commitment to facilitating learning that supports change, challenges thinking and stimulates creativity, growth and self-fulfilment. Our coaches will work along side you and your organisation to:

  • Building confidence
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Work-life balance
  • Working from home
  • Managing change
  • Business influence and presence
  • Profit through Events and Seminars
  • Business fundamentals: Strategy and Planning, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operation Management

We provide leadership workshops and events around themes such as developing authentic leadership, communication skills, time management, marketing and confidence. Samone is also available for keynotes and presentations. Ita offers a range of workshops, events and seminars around key issues in business and for leadership development including:

  • Success principles in business
  • Authentic leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Building Business presence
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Confidence and empowerment at work – Getting that corner office!

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Lets Connect – Contact us to find out more, places are limited. We take as many people as we can, then start a waiting list for the next group.