Flinders Ranges & Outback Tourism Forum 2018

The team are back from the first-ever Flinders Ranges and Outback Tourism Forum presented by inter-government agencies and local tourism associations.

On our home lands, the 2-day event discussed tourism opportunities, showcased case studies for inspiration, explored blockages of development and provided an opportunity for operators, government, community, local business and agencies to collaborate for a stronger tourism future in South Australia – Read media editorial here, courtesy of Transcontinental, Port Augusta News.

An informative event, attendees rolled up their sleeves to collaborate, below is a short list of many key issues for the region. Group facilitation led by Claire Ellis, Chair of Ecotourism Australia, we contributed to:

  • Increase digital capability
  • Product development including cultural Indigenous experiences
  • Infrastructure
  • Marketing – User experiences and multi channel promotions
  • Drive Tourism
  • Cross border collaboration
  • Nature based and eco tourism

To find out more about the region and the potential visit South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) website and download:

Feature image courtesy of: The Transcontinental Port Augusta News

Author: Samone Wear, Founder and Director

An accomplished Entrepreneur in Residence, Change Maker and Director who works within business, lean startups and nonprofit organisations and Board of Directors.

Samone brings a strategic approach coupled with passion and professionalism. She consults and volunteers her expertise in business, tourism, event management, marketing, education, strategic planning and organisational leadership across Australia. Samone also presents to educational seminars and group volunteer projects.

Passionate about community and country, Samone and Indigenous Tour Agency are committed to growing the economic capacity of our Traditional owners through storytelling and eco/nature based tourism.

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