Indigenous Owned and Operated – Australian Family Business

Dick Smith, Entrepreneur has launched a National campaign – ..”save family businesses from being shafted by global online hooking behemoths. Dollars are being shipped off overseas via large tourism online distribution channels”. – View rant here.

“50% Australians are using these websites and its almost impossible to locate a family business”. Do you agree or is it outrageous?

What can you do? Tell every cultural operator there is a local Indigenous family owned and operated tourism platform working for local people.

We love Dick’s passion for Australian business, but Dick you forgot to acknowledge Australian Online Travel Agencies that are working tirelessly day and night for the small operator and local community.

Ponder this..Is it a mind set or a opportunity? Imagine you listed with a local provider, yes paid a industry standard commission but you kept your dollar in Australia and gave back to your community.

At Indigenous Tour Agency we connect tourism business into a global economy that empowers traditional Australians. Every tour, attraction or activity takes the visitor to the heart of the oldest culture in the world.

Community prosperity through employment and education is at the core of everything we offer:

  • Get connected, don’t be extorted
  • Don’t go broke, invest your profits
  • Stand united in a competitive global marketplace

Our Story: Indigenous Tour Agency – Australia’s leading seller of Traditional Indigenous Tour and Experiences. An indigenous owned and operated online tour agency and global distribution system service that spans over 100 countries. Introducing and selling tours worldwide, helping inbound tour operators become masters of distribution to better position their tourism product.

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Head office: Adelaide, Flinders Ranges Sth Australia and Brisbane Queensland

Indigenous Owned and Operated | Registered Supply Nation Member | NO Joining Fees


Author: Samone Wear, Founder and Director

An accomplished Entrepreneur in Residence, Change Maker and Director who works within business, lean startups and nonprofit organisations and Board of Directors.

Samone brings a strategic approach coupled with passion and professionalism. She consults and volunteers her expertise in business, tourism, event management, marketing, education, strategic planning and organisational leadership across Australia. Samone also presents to educational seminars and group volunteer projects.

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