NAIDOC Anniversary and so much more…

In the spirit of NAIDOC week, celebrating the history, culture and achievements of our culture. This special week also represents our business anniversary.ITA_1st Anniversary

Proudly Indigenous owned and operated, this time has provided the opportunity to reflect and be grateful for the journey, the amazing people we have met along our way and another opportunity to thank every one of you who has given the team the strength to keep moving forward to achieve our why in every part of our business.

The travel business has changed drastically over the last couple of years – particularly for small to medium operators. Online distribution should now form part of any marketing plan and needs to have interesting, engaging and diverse content. As you are aware, the time and skills needed to create this type of content is something many businesses struggle with and is where our service can be beneficial and cost effective.

As end user expectations have increased, we are having to do considerably more work than before. In the first month of a campaign, to ensure that we provide high quality content, our team need do a huge amount of work profiling the business, researching the industry and connecting your offering to travel agents across the globe.

ITA Get Paid Faster Web BannerAnniversary Membership Offer
First year FREE, then from as little as $99 per year from your anniversary date – This will be implemented from July 1st and will not affect any order placed and paid for before this date.

Setup fees will not be added – Start selling your tours on one Booking Desk and give your agents log in access to directly sell tours and activities for you.

Things to know – We’re constantly adding more features:

  1. More Bookings – Get online bookings around the clock. Enable mobile bookings from customers on the goITA Book Online
  2. Get Paid Faster – We offer a wide range of safe, secure, encrypted payment options to speed up your cash flow
  3. Grow Your Business – Step up business growth, with a dedicated customer success specialist. Watch new bookings flow in
  4. Save Time – Centralise and automate admin to free up time for the stuff you love
  5. Happy Customers – Help them browse and book your products
  6. Manage Resources – Set up to automatically show session availability only when equipment/resources are available to service them
  7. Manifest Makeover – Access your customised, up-to-date manifest

For a limited time only, we would like to offer you another opportunity to upgrade to Premium Membership at no extra charge – Sign Up Today

Other News

  • We welcome Ms Lorraine Amede of Bootstrap Venture Capital to the Board of Directors

ITA Bootstrap VC Image

  • Director, Mr Desmond Struck – Adnyamathanha Traditional land owner, member of the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association, Flinders Ranges celebrates 1 year on the Board of Directors
  • New partnerhsips:
    • Mr Brett Leavy, Virtual Heritage Jedi – A descendant of the Kooma people of Western Queensland
    • ITA Learning Academy and #LikeaBoss.Education launch Open4Biz Guide to Tourism Business, Youth Entrepreneur and Coding for Culture Programs
    • Platinum Event Agency delivering cultural ceremonies and authentic experiences to event and conference goers
  • Support prosperity through youth education in your community with #LikeaBoss.Education, aspiring young people seeking to work in Tourism, Leadership, Management or Entrepreneurship

Author: Samone Wear, Founder and Director

An accomplished Entrepreneur in Residence, Change Maker and Director who works within business, lean startups and nonprofit organisations and Board of Directors.

Samone brings a strategic approach coupled with passion and professionalism. She consults and volunteers her expertise in business, tourism, event management, marketing, education, strategic planning and organisational leadership across Australia. Samone also presents to educational seminars and group volunteer projects.

Lets Connect | Linkedin

Date: July 7, 2018


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