#LikeaBoss Youth Program Sponsorship

Indigenous Tour Agency (ITA) works closely with each of our partners to tailor programs that match their charitable interests and core business needs.

With a proven track record for creating innovative programs and cause-related marketing initiatives, support from corporations is crucial in carrying out ITA’s work.

Community prosperity through education and employment is at the core of everything we offer. We are proud to partner with like minded organisations and business to give back to our upcoming generations.

We gratefully recognise our sponsors for partnering with us to engage young people in business, service and service-learning.

likeaboss-www-header_2 (1).png

#LikeaBoss Education aspires young people seeking to work in Leadership, Management or Entrepreneurship.

#LikeaBoss provides a guided journey on how to start your own business. Facilitated both on and off line, they provide access to all the resources of a traditional class room course, delivered in a relaxed workshop environment to help individuals learn.

A national accredited training program aspiring young people to build a tourism career by design while completing secondary school studies. A personalised learning experience that reaches the individual just as they need. Programs link to industry, build the capacity of the learner via foundation skills that empower complimented with a guided journey of professional mentoring from local business people every step of the way.


Find out how your organisation or business can become involved to empower young people across Australia.

Contact Managing Director, Samone Wear M 0404 572 507


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