Cultural Conference and Event Design

Travel that incorporates cultural activities and experiences – happens in various ways. Australia provides a combination of unique Aboriginal and cultural products and services.

Indigenous Tour Agency in partnership with Adelaide event professionals, Platinum Event Agency has prepared a special interest and experiential tourism based participation in new and deep cultural experiences of an aestheIMG_2087tic, spiritual, intellectual, emotional or psychological nature.

Our partnerships, links to local tourism operators, destination showcase activities and Indigenous owned resources, ensures delegates, visitors and tourists can create their own experiences or access personalised conference concierge services. 

Image courtesy: Michael O Brien, Traditional Kaurna Plains Custodian

Conference Activities, Product and Merchandise

Attending an inspiring conference or hosting a event to remember can often elicit a response similar to that of getting off an exhilarating roller coaster.

Leveraging emotions associated with your event, you may not only successfully distinguish yourself from the corporate conference norms, your delegates or guests will experience something more!

Indigenous Conference Bag of authentic items


Our authentic extra curricula cultural activities and conference highlights will have delegates, spouse and guests experiencing authentic Australia – The cultural heritage experience does not stop there.


Organisers can leave delegates and guests with Indigenous designed gifts, un-imaginable take home experience inclusive of 3D/virtual reality Welcome to Country and conference bags items.

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