Shape Shifting Tourism Marketing – The Game is On

A new year starts and the competition to capture attention and create cultural brand experiences is greater than ever.

Following momentum from 2017 and recent graduation from Australia’s leading Venture Capital Program, Slingshot Horizon, Indigenous Tour Agency is set to lead the way in the future of global indigenous tourism industry of Australia.

Travel technology requires a specialised booking desk management process in tourism destination consulting, virtual reality tourism and authentic cultural experiences. Indigenous Tour Agency is the gateway to hundreds of brands – from global enterprises to boutique operators.

“The global traveller don’t always book ‘authentic or outside the norm’ travel experiences online right now, because they feel like they don’t experience the product … in particular our rural and regional Indigenous experiences. We can change this type of consumer buying behaviour.” Ms Wear, Managing Director and Founder said.

Three-D and virtual tours will be an essential part of the future in tourism marketing – Our story tellers, cultural entrepreneurs and tour operators will have access to a global marketplace.

One percent of the world’s population will possess headsets by the year of 2020 and then this number will be increasing in the later years. What can the possible implications of the spread of these devices be in Tourism and Travel.

Indigenous Tour Agency is set to lead the way in the future of global tourism. More than omni-channel booking platform we are building a truly contemporary and innovative tourism offer. We have the cutting edge technology that will host and market high-value visual content to all corners of the globe.

Indigenous Tour Agency distributes tours, activities and experiences through a network of more than 100 countries and over 9,000 travel agents.

To find out more contact our booking desk: or join today


Author: Ms Samone Wear – Managing Director and Founder, Indigenous Tour Agency Pty Ltd

Date: February 15, 2018

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